Unit 4: Exploring Our World through Geometry


The study of Geometry was born in Ancient Greece, where mathematics was thought to be in everything from music to art to the governing of the universe.  Plato, an ancient philosopher and teacher, had the statement, “Let no man ignorant of geometry enter here,” placed at the entrance of his school.  This illustrates the importance of the study of shapes and logic during that era.  While working through this unit, students will build from prior knowledge to connect to real world applications using geometric shapes and solids. 

Developed By: Kelley Norman & Christina McIntire

Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

For Bigger or Smaller

Lesson 2

How Many Triangles?

Lesson 3

Slicing it Up!

Lesson 4

Easy As Pie?

Lesson 5

Tangled Up in Angles

Lesson 6

Many Faces of Measurement

Post-Unit Assessment