Unit 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationships


By the end of sixth grade, students have learned the fundamental concepts dealing with ratios and proportions. This unit builds on prior knowledge and expands those concepts to include percent. Students will compute, analyze, identify, represent, explain, and use ratios, proportions, and percent to solve real world problems.


Developed By: Whitney Bennett & Erin Gravley

Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Go Fetch! (Review of Prerequisite Skills)

Lesson 2

Operation Cookie (Unit Rates)

Lesson 3

Tables and Graphs and Proportions, Oh My! (Recognize and Practice Proportional Relationships)

Lesson 4

Let’s Learn, ‘K? (Constant of Proportionality)

Lesson 5

That Crazy Constant (Proportional Relationships using Equations)

Lesson 6

What’s the Point? (Using Points on a Graph for Proportional Relationships)

Lesson 7

It’s All About the Percent (Multi-Step Percent Problems)

Post-Unit Assessment