Unit 4: Sweet Treats Bakery—Ratio and Proportional Reasoning


Ratios are all around you.  For example, in a classroom there is a ratio of boys to girls, students to teachers or chairs to tables. In this unit, you will learn what a ratio is and the many ways a ratio can be represented, understand the concept of a unit rate and use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world problems. So, when will you ever have to use ratios outside of the classroom? If you ever plan on driving a car you’ll need to understand the relationship between miles per gallon, miles per hour and cost per gallon.  Guess what? They’re all ratios! Do you enjoy shopping?  Wanna be able to get the best bang for your buck?  Guess what?  More ratios! Want to invite friends over for dinner?  Your recipe only serves four and you’ve invited twelve friends.  Guess what you’re going to need?  Ratios! In this unit you will learn how Sweet Treats Bakery uses ratios to run their business.

Developed By: Jessica Phillips & Stacie Rawlings

Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

A Dozen Cupcakes—Introduction to Ratios

Lesson 2

Let’s Buy Cupcakes—An Introduction to Proportions

Lesson 3

Smart Shoppers—Introduction to Unit Rates

Lesson 4

Who Wants Hot Chocolate? Using Tape Diagrams to Find Unit Rates

Lesson 5

How Much Icing Do We Need? Finding Proportional Ratios

Lesson 6

Cupcake Assembly

Lesson 7

Special Order Cakes—Using a Coordinate Plane to Investigate Ratios

Lesson 8

Discounts and Sales Tax

Lesson 9

How Much Do We Have? Using Ratio Reasoning to Convert Unit Measurements

Post-Unit Assessment