Unit 8: Similar and Right Triangles


In prior math courses, you learned how to set up and solve proportions. In this unit, you will use proportions to solve for missing measures in similar figures. You will spend a great deal of time working with similar triangles. There are a large number of real world applications that require the use of similar triangles, so it is important to understand their properties and how to solve for missing measures in triangles. Finally, you will learn the basics of right triangle trigonometry. As mentioned in the last unit, trigonometry is the study of triangles. Although there are many pieces to trigonometry, the basic concepts involving right triangles are fairly simple and very useful for solving real world problems.


Developed By: Gretchen Gibson


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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Proportions and Properties of Similar Figures

Lesson 2

Similar Triangles (Similarity Postulates, Proportionality Theorem, and Midsegment Theorem)

Lesson 3

Similar Triangles (Real World Applications and Solving for Missing Parts Using Algebra)

Lesson 4

The Pythagorean Theorem, The Midpoint Formula, and The Distance Formula

Lesson 5

Trigonometric Ratios

Lesson 6

Using Trigonometry to Solve Real World Applications

Post-Unit Assessment