Unit 6: Basic Geometry and Parallel Lines


You have already learned a lot of geometric concepts in prior math courses. In this unit, we are going to review basic geometry vocabulary and then use it to look at more intricate geometric concepts. Then, you will take a look at parallel lines to learn about their properties and applications in real world situations. Finally, you will explore formal proofs. You have been proving mathematical concepts using informal and paragraph proofs all year long. Now, you are going to look at formal, two-column proofs to see how they can be used effectively to prove mathematical principles.


Developed By: Gretchen Gibson


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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Basics of Geometry (Basic Geometry Vocab., Linear Pairs, Vertical Angles, Complementary Angles)

Lesson 2

Angle Relationships of Parallel Lines

Lesson 3

Angle Relationships of Parallel Lines (Part 2)

Lesson 4

Proofs—Basic Proofs and Segment Relationships Proofs

Lesson 5

Angle Relationships Proofs and Parallel Line Proofs

Post-Unit Assessment