Unit 1: Algebraic and Graphical Manipulations


This unit focuses on the properties and graphs of important functions that are used to solve real world problems. Students learn to analyze graphs for areas of increase and decrease and end behavior and use this information to make predictions for real world data. Additionally, students review skills needed to work with functions (such as the properties of exponents and simplifying radicals) and are introduced to piecewise functions and their uses.



Developed By: Gretchen Gibson

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Properties of Exponents

Lesson 2

Simplifying Radical Expressions

Lesson 3

Composition of Functions and Function Operations

Lesson 4

Inverse Functions

Lesson 5

Function Families and Graphical Transformations

Lesson 6

Properties of Graphs

Lesson 7

Linear Functions and Real World Systems of Linear Equations

Lesson 8

Piecewise Functions

Lesson 9

Piecewise, Step, and Absolute Value Functions

Post-Unit Assessment