Unit 3: Function Synthesis, Derivations in Analytic Geometry, Series and Limits


According to Galileo, “mathematics is the language with which God wrote the Universe.” Math is about relationships—the interaction between quantities, variables, and change. Math is about patterns. Math is about logic. One of the most fundamental mathematical concepts that embodies pattern, logic, and relationship is the function. You have modeled real relationships with many functions—linear, exponential, quadratic, radical, trigonometric, and now rational. The return on invested money, Galileo’s very own projected path of a cannonball, the decay of a radioactive substance over time, oscillations of a pendulum—all of these are function relationships!



Developed By: Megan Hott & Sean Freeland

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Rational Behavior

Lesson 2

Graphing Rational Functions

Lesson 3

Creating and Composing Functions

Lesson 4

Inverses of Functions

Lesson 5

Ellipses, Hyperbolas, and Cavalieri’s Principle

Lesson 6

Sequences and Series

Post-Unit Assessment