Unit 2: Matrices


In this unit, you will be introduced to matrices and learn to create matrices from categorical data. You will learn how to perform basic operations with matrices and explore matrix properties and how they relate to the real numbers. You will use matrices to represent real data, make calculations, and draw conclusions about real life data. Through your study of matrices, you should have a better understanding of their uses and their capabilities when applied to real life data, points in the coordinate plane, and to solve systems of linear equations, both simple and complex.



Developed By: Dr. Sarma A. Pidaparthi & Adam S. Riazi

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Introduction to Matrices and Matrix Operations

Lesson 2

Matrix Multiplication

Lesson 3

Properties of Matrices

Lesson 4

Matrices as Transformations in the Coordinate Plane

Lesson 5

Solving a 2 X 2 System of Linear Equations using matrix inverse method.

Lesson 6

Solving 3 X 3 or Higher Order System of Linear Equations Using Technology

Post-Unit Assessment