Unit 2: Polynomials, Radicals and Rational Relationships


Nurses work with patients and doctors when administering medicine. There is often a very narrow margin of error when determining the appropriate dose of medicine based upon necessity and the patient’s BMI. Too little medication and it will be useless to the patient. Too much medication and the patient could die of an overdose of it. Similar examples exist in the fields of Welding, Carpentry, Automotive, Electrical and Machine Technology as well as others. HVAC contractors must estimate based upon house size, the appropriate BTUs to heat and cool it. If they overestimate the home owners spend more money than necessary and might send their clients elsewhere. Too little and the home will not heat and cool properly. Being able to interpret graphs of function models of BTU output, medication dosage and other related technical graphs can play a critical role in the success of a company, contractor and employee.

Developed By: Dr. Stephanie Beck Roth

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Modeling with Geometric Series

Lesson 2

Polynomial Identities

Lesson 3

Simplifying Rational Functions

Lesson 4

Interpreting Real World Situations By Graphing Functions

Lesson 5

Analyzing Key Features of Functions

Post-Unit Assessment