Unit 2: Polynomials, Radical, and Rational Relationships


In the Math I and Math II courses, students have mastered linear and quadratic functions. In this unit, the students will extend their understanding of these functions to include relationships among higher-order polynomial functions, radical functions, and rational functions. They will take an in-depth look at polynomials and be able to identify important concepts such as finding zeros, extreme values, points of intersection, and ways to rewrite the functions using strategies such as division, factoring, and expansion. Students will be able to graph these functions using end behavior and zeros, as well as using technology to assist in graphing more complex functions.



Developed By: Karen Keener

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Interpret the Structure of Expressions

Lesson 2

Rewriting Expressions

Lesson 3

Perform Arithmetic Operations on Polynomials

Lesson 4

Divide Polynomials and Apply the Remainder Theorem

Lesson 5

Identify Zeros and Graph Polynomial Functions

Lesson 6

Inspect Points of Intersections of Functions

Lesson 7

Understand Solving Equations as a Process of Reasoning and Explain the Reasoning.

Post-Unit Assessment