Unit 5: Expressions and Equations


Students will be able to solve linear equations with one variable in one-step, two-steps, multi-steps, and equations with variables on both sides.  Students will use prior knowledge of properties to justify the processes used in solving linear equations. Linear systems of equations will be solved using various methods, which include substitution, elimination, and graphing.  Lessons will be applicable to real world situations.  

Developed By: Patreca Swanson &Danielle DiDomenico

Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Solving One- and Two-Step Equations

Lesson 2

Solving Multi-Step Equations Using Distributive Property and Variables on Both Sides

Lesson 3

Solving Linear Equations with No Solution & Infinitely Many Solutions

Lesson 4

Solving Linear Equations by Graphing

Lesson 5

Solving Linear Equations by Substitution Method

Lesson 6

Solving Linear Equations by Elimination/Combination Method

Post-Unit Assessment