Unit 1: Reach for the Stars


At the completion of the unit, students should know that numbers that are not rational are called irrational and be able to approximate the value of irrational numbers using rational numbers.  Students will also utilize the properties of integer exponents and use radicals to express square roots and cube roots as well as compare the value of numbers expressed in scientific notation.  Finally, students will use real-world scenarios that require the use of the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse to solve coordinate and real-world problems.

Developed By: Cathy Craddock & Alisa Hannah

Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Irrational? Why or Why Not?

Lesson 2

Exploring Exponents

Lesson 3

Exponent Laws

Lesson 4

Know Your Roots

Lesson 5

Introducing Scientific Notation

Lesson 6

Matching Numbers to Sizes

Lesson 7

Adding & Subtracting Numbers in Scientific Notation

Lesson 8

Multiplying & Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation

Lesson 9

Prove It!

Lesson 10

Using the Pythagorean Theorem to Find Distance Between Two Points

Post-Unit Assessment