Unit 2: Linear and Exponential Relationships


In this unit students will build on the work they have already done with linear relationships. While they will see and work with other function families, the emphasis will be on linear and exponential families. They will compare and contrast the properties of linear and exponential functions. They will spend time working to understand functions as an important mathematical structure by examining function characteristics, notation, representations, and operations of specific function families. Students will practice building functions that describe the relationship between two quantities from a context. They will look at multiple ways to apply functions to solve problems and represent situations. They will also work with sets of order pairs that do not represent functions.



Developed By: Stephanie Beck Roth

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Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1

Equations Represented by Graphs

Lesson 2

Modeling Systems of Linear Inequalities

Lesson 3

Introduction to Functions

Lesson 4

Functional Relationships

Lesson 5

X Marks The Spot

Lesson 6

Linear and Exponential Functional Rates of Change

Lesson 7

Features of Functions

Lesson 8

Geometric Transformations Applied to Function Families

Lesson 9

Modeling with Linear and Exponential Functions

Lesson 10

Functional Comparisons of Linear and Exponential Models

Lesson 11

Properties of Linear and Exponential Functions

Lesson 12

Sequences Represented as Functions

Lesson 13

Capstone Performance Task

Post-Unit Assessment