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Course Overview

Welcome to West Virginia Math 6. This is the first of three middle school mathematics courses that cover the West Virginia Next Generation Standards (Common Core) and that prepare you for high school mathematics. The course content focuses on four critical areas. The first area involves rational numbers, or numbers that can be expressed as fractions. The second area involves ratio and proportional reasoning. The third area involves expressions and equations and the fourth area involves statistics. In addition to this, you will discuss, develop, and justify formulas for areas of triangles and parallelograms, and you will find areas of polygons and surface areas of prisms and pyramids.  You will also determine volumes of right rectangular prisms and draw polygons in the coordinate plane.


Implementation of the Common Core State Standards and Objectives for Mathematics through engaging instruction coupled with rigorous learning activities and assessment is hard work. During the 2011-2012 school year, a dedicated group of WV classroom teachers worked collaboratively to study the Middle School Math standards, objectives and performance descriptors and designed quality units of instruction that encompass the content, skills and understandings reflected in this set of grade level standards. The units and lessons created by these teachers, model best practices in student engagement, provide rigorous learning activities and quality formative assessment opportunities that are the basis for this Media-rich course guide.


Digital Content Development Teachers
Teresa Murray WV
Lynn Baker WV
Rachel Moon WV
Kirstene Jones WV
Greg Oliver WV
Lindsay Michaels WV
Jessica Phillips WV
Stacie Rawlings WV
Lee-Dorah Wokpara WV
Lisa Beeson WV
Brittany Kammerer WV
Glenda Ball WV
Tom Klein WV
Andrew Burns WV
Content Reviewers
John Ford WV State Department of Education
Celeste Glenn West Virginia University
WVU Academic Innovation
Dr. Sue Day Perroots Associate Vice President
Instructional Designers
Sukanya Dutta-White Erin Kelly  
Celeste Glenn    
Media Design
Mark Bennett Ryan Pratt Julie Black  
Web Development
Li Zheng Eric Merrill  
Director of K-12 Initiatives
Greg Strimel    






The Next Generation Mathematics Courses includes links to digital content and media-rich resources courteously provided free of charge from LearnZillion.com.

LearnZillion.com offers a free and growing set of Math and English Language resources for grades 2-12 that have been developed by expert teachers directly from the Common Core State Standards. LearnZillion’s premium participatory curriculum platform enables schools and districts to accelerate the successful implementation of the Common Core, augment the efficacy of their coaches, create class time capacity to address differentiation needs, and build teacher leaders.




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