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The fundamental purpose of Mathematics IV is to generalize and abstract learning accumulated through previous courses and to provide the final springboard to calculus. Students take an extensive look at the relationships among complex numbers, vectors, and matrices. They build on their understanding of functions, analyze rational functions using an intuitive approach to limits and synthesize functions by considering compositions and inverses. Students expand their work with trigonometric functions and their inverses and complete the study of the conic sections begun in Mathematics II. They enhance their understanding of probability by considering probability distributions. Previous experiences with series are augmented. High School Math IV is appropriate for those students that complete Math III STEM.

Unit 1

Building Relationships Between Complex Numbers and Vectors

Unit 2


Unit 3

Function Synthesis, Derivations in Analytic Geometry, Series and Limits

Unit 4

Trigonometry of General Triangles and Trigonometric Functions

Unit 5

Modeling with Probability