West Virginia Next Generation Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the West Virginia Next Generation Open Educational Resources. This site is designed to help support teachers, students, and parents in teaching and learning the content and practices set forth by the West Virginia Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives. This site is designed to be a dynamic and evolve in a manner to help support the highest quality of teaching and learning. This site is not meant to be a one size-fits-all curriculum for students. The course materials can provide a consistent foundation for addressing the desired course content standards and objectives. The Next Generation Courses will provide digital course content designed by West Virginia teachers, validated by higher education faculty, and developed by West Virginia University Academic Innovation.


How To Use Resources

The Next Generation mathematics courses have been created by West Virginia teachers through a partnership between WVU Academic Innovation and the West Virginia Department of Education. The course materials utilize the latest instructional technology and interactive media to provide flexible options for teaching and learning in West Virginia. The math courses can be delivered by teachers in the classroom through a blended learning approach, used as curriculum support to achieve a flipped-classroom, or offered fully online through the West Virginia Virtual School. The interactive course proficiency-based activities provide instant feedback to students, which allows for personalized guidance and evaluation in learning. All courses align with the West Virginia standards and the common core with the means to track students' educational progress in order to make data-based decision for informing instruction.

This site aims to provide teachers and students with a structured series of teaching and learning resources to help support students in the development of their knowledge and skills in mathematics. The resources included in this site focus on covering the educational criteria described in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). With next generation assessments like PARCC and Smarter Balanced rapidly approaching, students need critical digital literacy skills so they are comfortable taking computer-based tests, and can utilize interactive tools and skills to demonstrate mathematical knowledge and skills.